A flowering perennial garden can give your yard a colorful explosion

As a homeowner in the Atlanta metro, you have a unique opportunity to transform your outdoor space into something truly special. A professional landscaper can bring a whole new level of beauty to your home and create an environment that is perfect for relaxing, entertaining and spending time with family and friends. From lush plantings to beautiful outdoor structures, here are a few creative landscaping ideas that can add beauty and value to your property.

A flowering perennial garden can give your yard a colorful explosion of blossoms that will last for years. Look for flowers that are a mix of colors, and choose ones with different textures to add interest to your garden. Perennials are easy to grow and require little maintenance, making them a great addition to any residential landscape. Some perennials that thrive in the Atlanta area include oakleaf hydrangeas, geranium ‘Rozanne’, bottlebrush buckeyes and native plumbago. You can also use shrubs and trees to add color and texture to your yard. Look for plants like red maple, river birch and sugarberry that grow well in our climate.

Adding an water feature to your landscaping Custom Atlanta home landscaping designs is a great way to add visual appeal to your backyard. Water features can be anything from a small fountain to a pond or waterfall. They can help to provide a calming and serene atmosphere, which is perfect for when you want to relax after a long day. Water features can be a great focal point for your yard, and they are sure to increase the value of your home.

If you are looking to minimize your water usage, consider a xeriscape. This low-water landscape style uses a variety of ground covers, such as straggler daisy, coastal indigo and Texas frogfruit, instead of traditional grass. This approach is a great way to reduce your water bills and conserve this precious resource.

While a lot of people think that a xeriscape is boring, there are actually a wide variety of creative ways to incorporate it into your landscape. A cactus garden, for example, is very visually appealing and is low-maintenance. Another option is to use native plants, which are easier to maintain because they are already adapted to our soil and climate.

A professional landscaper will be able to take your ideas and turn them into a detailed plan that you can implement. They will be able to determine the best plants and trees for your geographic region, and they will ensure that your landscape is designed to function as a living ecosystem. They will also help you with any outdoor living spaces you want to include, such as patios, water features and fences.

If you’re interested in a custom landscape design for your home, contact the experts at Yardzen today. They will work with you to craft a design that achieves the look, feel and function you’re dreaming of, then connect you with a vetted contractor from their Pro Network to get your project built.